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Access to Advice and Justice in Liverpool 

Welcome to the
Liverpool Access to Advice Network!

The Access to Advice Network was formed as part of the Access to Justice Project, funded by Liverpool City Council.
Led by the University of Liverpool, School of Law & Social Justice & Department of Health, Policy and Systems, the project aims to gather evidence of the impact of legal aid cuts and welfare reform in Liverpool and identify and map advice services in the city. Alongside the research, the project has been establishing an independent network of advice organisations, creating a multi-agency referrals network and developing training and information sessions. 

The project hopes to increase the effectiveness of remaining services through a stronger referral network in Liverpool, improve access to justice, help build a more sustainable legal advice network in Liverpool, and ensure that decisions relating to access to justice in Liverpool are made with a strong evidence base to maximise resources, impact and innovation.

Please take a look at some of the project's work so far!

Access to justice conference Banner.png

Our conference in September 2021 brought together legal advice providers, social policy advocates, campaigners, researchers, academics, community support organisations and diplomats to explore the intersectionality between different advice areas and understand how different issues interact with immigration, housing, employment and other problems.

Global Liverpool 22 graphic (1).png

We celebrated the roots and routes which brought us to Liverpool!

Research & MAPPING

The University of Liverpool, School of Law and Social Justice & Department of Health, Policy and Systems, are mapping out legal services in Liverpool and researching the impact of legal cuts.

network Development

Local advice organisations have come together to form a community of practice, a network for positive collaboration. 

Referral Network

We are establishing a referrals network, a multi-agency approach to e-referrals, ensuring clients get quicker access to the advice they need.


We are currently working on a training booking platform to combat some of the gaps in training provision in the advice sector and to upskill staff. Coming soon!