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Members of LATAN are organisations that are involved in the advice sector in Liverpool and surrounding areas.  There are 3 types of members: ​

Advice Providers Members

Organisations that provide advice on:

welfare benefits, debt, housing, immigration, employment, education, disability and family law, either as a core purpose of their organisation, or as a significant part of their service.

Advice Provider members are expected to have appropriate insurance and quality standards in place. 

Gateway Members

Organisations that have the knowledge and ability to identify where a client is in need of legal advice, and are engaged in signposting or referring appropriately to advice organisations. 

Associate Members

Other organisations who have a working relationship with the advice sector in Liverpool and the surrounding area, but are not advice provider or gateway organisations.

Regional or national organisations, or any other organisations who are not delivering services in Liverpool and surrounding areas. 

As part of their membership, all 3 types of members can have any number of individuals from the organisation added to the LATAN mailing/contact list, so that they can receive information on activities such as network meetings, workshops and training. 

Individuals from member organisations are also able to join up to the LATAN website membership, which enables them to access information, exclusive resources, and recordings of LATAN Network meetings via the Members area of the website.

Ready to become a Member?

Is your organisation already a LATAN member?

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"Being part of LATAN is very worthwhile and informative – I'd encourage anyone to join."
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