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Benefits of Joining

Members of the Liverpool Access to Advice Network open themselves up to a range of benefits including:

Increased Networking and Collaboration

  • Working together to maximise access to free, independent quality advice;

  • Improving connections to other advice providers and gateways;

  • Co-designing network priorities, plans and initiatives;

  • Peer support. 

Collective voice 

  • Better together: strength in diverse and equal voices; 

  • Amplify the voice of the citizen; 

  • Promote the social and economic value of advice 

Unique knowledge and skills 

  • Access to information, news and opportunities;

  • Skill sharing and training;

  • Comparing and promoting best practices;

  • Research participation.

Stronger influence 

  • Engage and inform stakeholders;

  • Social policy and campaigns;

  • Gather evidence to demonstrate impact;

  • Network debate and dialogue;

  • Increased profile.

Values of LATAN

Collaboration – collaboration is key to working towards improving access to free, independent advice on everyday legal issues. Sharing knowledge, skills, experiences, diversity of thought, and supporting one another enables us to work towards access to justice for all. Joining together to challenge policy that impacts access to advice, and creating a stronger voice for the advice sector.


Communication – clear and timely communication with members and other stakeholders, and from others, including policy makers, funders, and other stakeholders.


Respect – treating all with respect, valuing difference, and appreciating the skills and capacities of other individuals and organisations. Ensuring clients seeking advice are treated with dignity, respect and courtesy.


Trust – working to build trust across members, partners and stakeholders, through the sharing of information and knowledge in an open and collaborative manner.


Integrity – demonstrating responsibility and accountability and supporting others to do the same. Being honest and open in our decisions, communication and actions.


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion – valuing everyone, embracing difference, and creating a network that is fair, inclusive and open. Welcoming and valuing different organisations including advice, gateway and other support organisations. Ensuring organisations of different sizes have an equal voice.


Good practice & Innovation – working to share, implement, and reward good practice in advice and support giving. Using reflective practice to maintain quality of services, and striving for innovative practice to maximise effectiveness of service delivery.


Commitment – to the provision of free, independent and confidential advice, access to justice for all, and LATAN as a community of practice.


Become a Member Today

“LATAN creates strength in numbers for campaigns and social policy. Our experience across different sectors increases our credibility."
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