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About us

Evidence has shown that the cuts to legal aid  have had significant impact on people’s lives and on their ability to resolve legal issues. The result is that people are unable to resolve legal issues, or resolution is delayed.  A significant number of people have multiple legal issues at once that combine to exacerbate problems and lead to the most serious possible consequences.


There are increased pressures on agencies from the cuts to local authority budgets, and by the range of austerity-led reforms. 

"So, what can we do about it?"

The Access to Justice project hopes to mitigate some of the worst impacts of the legal aid and austerity reforms by increasing the effectiveness of remaining services through a stronger referral network in Liverpool, and identifying more clearly the issues that the reforms have caused. The resources and knowledge shared and developed in this project will improve access to justice, help build a more sustainable legal advice network in Liverpool, and ensure that decisions relating to access to justice in Liverpool are made with a strong evidence base to maximise resources, impact and innovation.

"Maximise resources, impact & innovation."

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