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Stay Informed

Want to find out about local things happening in Liverpool?
Check out some of the city's latest initiatives . 

New Initiatives

The Samaritans - Callback Service

Please check out the video below and feel free to share 
Liverpool A4 Call back poster10241024_1_edited.jpg

Established Initiatives 

The Live Well Directory

Live Well is a directory of care and support services, activities and information covering Liverpool and Knowsley. It can be searched for a specific organisation or browsed for a type of service.

PIP Form Filling Service

Going to make a PIP Application? If you need support with form filling, Liverpool's Law Clinic may be able to help you.

More Coming Soon!

Are you involved in a court case concerning a claim for money?
Are you representing yourself?

The University of Law in Liverpool is offering a free service giving Litigants procedural advice and guidance.

University of Law students are training to qualify as Solicitors or Barristers and are offering appointments, conducted under the supervision of a Solicitor, where you can get the answers to:

  • The stages of the court procedure and the current position of your case

  • What you need to do to prepare your case and in preparation for any court hearing;

  • What you can expect in court and court terminology.

Family Law Advice & Information

Are you a parent or grandparent going to court without a lawyer?
Are you worried about your rights as a parent or grandparent? Are you unable to reach an agreement about arrangements for your children? Do you need help with court forms?  Liverpool Law Clinic Family Law Service can help you.

More Coming Soon!

Watch this space
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