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Brand Pack

As part of the Liverpool Access to Advice Network, we are asking your organisation to help increase the visibility of the network across digital channels. 

With support from Citizens Advice Liverpool, we have devised a communications strategy for the network alongside the new website that launched in early 2024. A key step for both increasing visitors to the website and overall brand awareness of LATAN is to have our members represent us across their social media and/or their own websites.

Assets have been created in various formats and are available to download within this brand pack. If you need any support, please email

LATAN Conference 2023_Web Sized-4145.jpg

Website Assets

We would like all members to have a mention of LATAN on their own website, that then links directly to the new LATAN website. The easiest way to do this is to have the LATAN logo in the footer or header of your website.

Instagram Assets

If your organisation is active on Instagram, we have created an Instagram Story and Post graphics to be posted on your account. There are also instructions included on how to add the LATAN website link to your Instagram bio, and how to 'pin' LATAN posts to your account so they remain at the top of the page for visitors to your profile.

Facebook Assets

If your organisation is active on Facebook, we have created several assets including a customisable cover photo, a Facebook post and a list of opportunities of 'calls to action' to the LATAN website across Facebook. 

Twitter/X Assets

Included in the below download folder is a Twitter Cover Photo and several tweets that can be reused/customised throughout the year to showcase your organisations involvement in LATAN. 

Linkedin Assets

For Linkedin, there is another cover photo and several posts included in this download folder that can be used throughout the year to share the good work of the network. 

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