Liverpool's Access to Advice Network

What is the Access to Advice Network?

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"Improving access to advice, increasing access to justice".
The Access to Advice Network is a Community of Practice, involving organisations that deliver advice, information and/or advocacy on Housing, Immigration, Debt, Welfare Benefits, Employment, Education & Civil issues.   We have regular forums on key issues and coordinate and deliver training and information sessions. Our central focus is to improve access to advice and increase access to justice.

Our Aims

Business People Talking

Positive & Strategic Collaboration


  • Work towards positive partnership working

  • Identify potential partnerships

  • Reduce duplication of efforts through collaboration

  • Increase capacity and access to legal help provision

Shared Learning

  • Share knowledge and information on emerging issues, resources and best practice

  • Identify gaps in training, delivering shared training and share training costs

  • Share skills across key advice areas

  • Raise awareness on the range and quality of advice 

  • Develop effective working practices across the advice sector

Team Meeting


  • Coordinate access to services to ensure clients’ needs are met

  • Identify gaps or barriers in the advice provision and seek to overcome them

  • Work together to identify solutions for our mutual clients

In a Meeting


  • Facilitate and support communications and discussion amongst advice providers

  • Communicate effectively on service delivery and referrals

  • Strengthen the alignment between welfare benefits, debt, housing and other advice services

  • Work towards developing a referral network across the advice sector

Influence & Change

  • Highlight and gather evidence regarding social policy issues and use that evidence to lobby for change in legislation and services

  • Work towards implementing preventative strategies for clients in relation to their issues i.e. target the causes rather than the issues